"Patience combined with persistence is a great combination for success!"

February 8, 2019

Welcome folks!

After getting such a great response from our first review, I wasn't 100% sure what product I wanted to talk about for our second review.

Although, over the past few weeks, my answer was made up as I keep having this same exact conversation with my students...

February 7, 2019

To My Students,

What I have to say in this letter, I hope is withstanding enough, that it doesn't need any further preamble from me...

Dear Students,

I am writing this as I want to clarify that I am not your instructor, nor am I your trainer. 

No, I have not, nor will I ev...

February 1, 2019

Welcome folks! Thanks for tuning in for our very first product review on "Shine's Shining Star Reviews"! The very first product Shine and I are going to review is the Carlson Pet Products Portable Pup Travel Pet Bed.

Now, I personally own two of these raised pet beds. 


January 31, 2019

As a dog trainer and Agility coach, my students ask me all the time about different dog training products that I use with my own dogs and "dog stuff" in general. Now, I have four dogs of my own, Blade, Viper, Shine and Hoot and to be frank, we use a lot of dog stuff!


January 30, 2019

Recently, I introduced my youngest dog, Hoot.

Hoot IS a hoot and boy, does he make me laugh.

Although, at times he does make me scratch my head with his antics and there have been a few times now he has also completely stumped me in my attempts to teach him certain thing...

January 29, 2019

A discussion that I regularly have with my students (new and old alike), is the value I place on verbal commands when training dogs...

Initially, I wrote < A discussion that I regularly have with my students (new and old alike),  is the value I place on verbal commands...

January 28, 2019


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Monday Motivation

August 19, 2019

Monday Motivation

February 18, 2019

Shine's Shine On Dog Review #2: Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew

February 8, 2019

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