Shine On Dog Training, LLC group classes are held in both our indoor arena with field turf and outdoors on grass.  Most classes are filled before the new class schedule is posted. If you're interested in joining a class, please contact us to see about getting on the current waiting list.

For the safety of all, students must do Puppy Agility and/or Foundation Fundamental classes at Shine On Dog Training. Priority for classes is always given to current students.

Puppy Agility Class

Class meets for 7 weeks. 4 teams per class.

Puppy Class is for puppies under 11 months old and will focus on laying the foundation for a great working relationship between dog and handler. This will include teaching shaping and luring behaviors, tricks, body awareness and other basic commands.​ This class meets for 7 weeks.

Foundation Fundamentals 1

Class meets for 7 weeks. 4 teams per class.

Foundation Fundamentals  is for puppies and dogs new to training and is a prerequisite for all other Agility classes offered at Shine On Dog Training, LLC. This class focuses on basic skills needed to prepare dog and handler teams for future Agility and dog sports training. This class focuses on teaching behaviors such as sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, come, place and settle. 

Foundation Fundamentals 2

Class meets for 7 weeks. 4 teams per class.

Foundation Fundamentals 2 focuses on building on the skills learned in Foundation Fundamentals 1 and is also a prerequisite to move on to the Obstacle Foundation classes. This class focuses on improving your dog's understanding of sit, stay, down, come and loose leash walking. We also introduce other behaviors that will help your dog in and out of the Agility arena.

Obstacle Foundations

This class is made up of a 5 part series of classes.

This set of foundation classes are broken into five different modules and help teach the dog the individual pieces of Agility equipment. Focus is on independent execution of each obstacle with confidence and forward focus, which will better prepare teams for coursework. These classes meet for 6 weeks.

Obstacle Foundations 1: Teeter & Contact End Behavior

Obstacle Foundations 2: Dogwalk & Aframe

Obstacle Foundations 3: Weaves & Table

Obstacle Foundations 4: Jumping Mechanics 1

Obstacle Foundations 5: Jumping Mechanics 2

Handling Foundations

Class meets for 6 weeks. 4 teams per class.

This course teaches teams the foundation handling skills needed to handle any level of course. Exercises focus on teaching the dogs techniques that will allow them to independently complete serps, threadles, backside sends, discrimination and even snooker challenges, as well as basics such as front and rear crosses and blinds. 

Skills & Drills

Class meets for 6 weeks. 4 teams per class.

This course builds upon the techniques learned in Handling Foundations. Each week teams will work on short sequences that include front and rear crosses, blinds, tight turns, threadles, backsides and complex handling maneuvers. 


Class meets for 6 weeks. 4 teams per class.

This class is for experienced teams who are already actively competing at the higher levels of Agility. Each week teams will focus on longer more complex courses and will further focus on the handler's timing and ways to communicate with their dogs effectively.

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