Updated: Nov 10, 2020

It only seems fitting that since I introduced myself that I should also introduce the dogs who I share my life with. Currently, my household is made up of my husband Mike and I and our four dogs. Three Border Collies, Blade (12 years old), Viper (9 years old) and Shine (4.5 years old) and the sole Miniature American Shepherd, Hoot (1 year old).

Each one of my dogs has helped me learn and grow as a trainer and a competitor in their own way but Blade, he, he holds a very special place in my heart.

We have grown together over the past decade and I have shared many a first with him, he was my first non-hunting breed dog, my first Border Collie, the first dog I trialed in competitive Obedience, the first dog I competed in AKC Agility with, my first dog that I took to regional and national events and the first dog I ever stood on a podium with...

the list of firsts with him could go on and on but that can wait for another time.

He and he alone, is the reason I have such a soft spot for the inconspicuous dogs, the subtle dogs that are not adorned with much flash, yet they methodically complete the tasks asked of them time and time again. Blade is such a dog and I am forever grateful that I've been lucky enough to share my life with him.

Blade is not the fastest, nor the tightest turning, or even the most efficient dog out there but boy does he make it up in heart...

His heart is as big as they come. That great big heart has helped make dream after dream come true for me and it has also taken us to many wonderful places over the years. That heart is also why I cannot bring myself to accept the idea of him aging. In just a few short weeks we will celebrate his 13th birthday and while he has a bit more gray on his muzzle and his eye sight isn't as sharp as it once was, everything else about him is as spry as it has always been. Spry enough that my only hope is that I get to celebrate another 13 trips around the sun with him.

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