Shine's Shine On Dog Review #1: Carlson Pet Products Portable Pup Travel Pet Bed

Welcome folks! Thanks for tuning in for our very first product review on "Shine's Shining Star Reviews"! The very first product Shine and I are going to review is the Carlson Pet Products Portable Pup Travel Pet Bed.

Now, I personally own two of these raised pet beds.

I have one in Gray, in a size Large, which roughs out to be 48"x24"x7" and I also have one in the color Pink, in a size Small which is 26"x26"x9". (They are pictured below)

While it may seem odd that we are reviewing a raised dog bed, I have to say, I use mine ALL THE TIME. I use them at home when working on a "Place" or "Settle" behavior, we use them at my training facility, I use them when I'm just hanging out ringside at Agility trials, I use them when I go out to eat at dog friendly restaurants, and I aim to use them at herding lessons once the weather warms up a bit more.

(My student Jeanette's puppy Phoebe modeling my Portable Pup Travel Pet Bed, Size Small in Pink, at class last week!)

Now, that being said, I have a small collection of different raised dog beds between my house and my training facility. These happen to be my favorite out of my entire collection.



Why? Let's take a look at the five different criteria I am using to rate my reviews!

1) Price: The price really can't be beat on these. The most I paid for mine has been $26 (so far) and depending on the website that you order from, you can usually toss in free shipping as well.

2) Aesthetics: Yes, I am vain when it comes to how my dog training gear looks. Both Shine and my favorite color is pink, so it was a HUGE plus when I could get this particular bed in pink. I also like the darker grey color of my second bed as it is dark enough if my dogs track dirt/mud across it or slobber all over it when they are chewing a bone, it is hardly noticeable. These beds also come in red, tan and green (that I have found).

3) Initial Quality: I'll be honest, when I first ordered my beds I was VERY surprised by how compact the packaging was. That was until I opened them. I was expecting a much thinner piping for the legs but overall I was impressed with how sturdy they both were right out of the box. The bed material is heavier than I expected as well, so again another plus!

The initial reason I purchased these beds was because they collapse down into a much smaller size than other similar dog beds. I was thrilled when they took up so little space in my vehicle the first time I took them with to teach! 4) Durability: Since I purchased both of my beds, they have been used by my own dogs on a regular basis and I have used them in numerous classes as loaners for my students who don't have their own. Which means, they have spent a great deal of time in my house, at my training facility and tucked away in my car going back and forth all winter. I'm happy to report that they still look brand new! Now, to give you an idea, mine have been used by Border Collies, Miniature American Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and a German Shepherd and they are still holding up well! 5) Does It Meet My Needs? Absolutely! These beds have been exactly what I was looking for! I like them enough, that in my Puppy Agility and Foundation classes, I specifically recommend them! They get HUGE bonus points with me because of how portable they are. Especially when taking the dogs out to eat, I much rather have them lay on their cot then on the ground or cement for the few hours we are out eating and socializing.

Overall, I give these Carlson Pet Beds 4 1/2 Paws Up!

For me, there are really only two draw backs to the beds and they are: 1) I wish it had a carrying strap when transporting them. That way I could just throw them over my shoulder instead of having to hold onto them. 2) I wish the material had a BIT more grip for the dogs. Youngsters or dogs that have not used them before do slip a bit the first time they recall off or jump on them.

Now, that being said that is a MINOR, MINOR critique I have with these beds. So minor in fact, it won't stop me from buying more in the future!

For those of you that are interested in purchasing your own, check out the following link to order!

Thanks for checking out our first review!

~ Kim and Shine


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