Shine's Shine On Dog Review

As a dog trainer and Agility coach, my students ask me all the time about different dog training products that I use with my own dogs and "dog stuff" in general. Now, I have four dogs of my own, Blade, Viper, Shine and Hoot and to be frank, we use a lot of dog stuff!

The purpose of "Shine's Shine On Dog Reviews" will be to give my honest feedback about different dog products that I use for both my own dogs as well as products I use in my classes and at my training facility.

How the reviews will work, is each product can earn anywhere from one to five paws.

Products will be rated based on the following criteria:

1) Price: I am willing to pay for a quality product but at the same time I am always looking for a good deal!

2) Aesthetics: I know shallow, but does the product look good? As a consumer I will admit, I am willing to pay a bit more $$$ if a product is aesthetically pleasing to my eyes!

3) Initial Quality: Whenever I purchase something for myself or my dogs for that matter, initial quality will either make or break my opinion on the product. So this is a must!

4) Durability: Does this one really need explaining? I mean, we are talking about dog stuff here. It MUST be durable!

5) Does It Meet My Needs?: Taking into account the other four criteria above, does the product meet my needs? That is the question!

Simple enough?

Then stay tuned for Shine and my first "Shine's Shine On Dog Review!


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