Shine's Shine On Dog Review #2: Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew

Welcome folks!

After getting such a great response from our first review, I wasn't 100% sure what product I wanted to talk about for our second review.

Although, over the past few weeks, my answer was made up as I keep having this same exact conversation with my students as several of them have gotten PUPPIES!

One of the first things we talk about in my Puppy Agility Classes is the importance of balancing food and toy play with our puppies. Which always seems to lead into someone asking, well what about toys being left out around the house? To be perfectly honest, I don't leave toys out for my puppies to play with at will, I want my puppies to understand that toys are for playing with me.

On the other hand, I do have what feels like hundreds of bones laying around my house at any given time for them to chew on. Over the years (should I feel nearly as old as I do saying that?) I have bought more chew toys than I care to admit. From bones, to chew toys, to bully sticks, you name it, I have tried it with my dogs.

Probably the most horrific incident was giving my crew, filled pig hooves. GAH! The smell, OMG, THE SMELL! Not to mention the aftermath of having three dogs chewing on them for an afternoon (YUCK!) Lets just say, NEVER AGAIN.

For a few years, my go to chew was bully sticks, as I was able to find an online supplier that would sell boxes of them for a decent price. Over time though, the company must have changed their "cooking" process as it became easier and easier for my dogs to chew through them in a few hours opposed to a few days. Which not only was hard on the pocket book but also their stomachs.

After I said goodbye to bulk bully sticks, I went on an extensive search for THE BEST chew for my guys. I ended up going to three or four different pet stores in town and pretty much bought any decent looking chew. It took a few weeks to rotate through them all, but it DID clearly show me a stand out chew toy for my dogs.

The winner?

The Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew.

I almost exclusively buy these chews now and my dogs not only like them, they LOVE them. Viper and Shine even pluck them out of the grocery bag when I bring new ones home.

Why do I think they are a standout dog chew?

1) Price: The price is similar to other bones and I generally pay from $10-14 dollars for the Medium sized bones. I think this is a relative steal, as it takes a LONG time for my guys to chew them down to the point I need to take them and throw them away.

2) Aesthetics: To be honest, aesthetics don't really matter to me when we are talking about a dog chew, but I will say they don't make me raise my eyebrows like some dog toys do that resemble "other" types of toys. So, if I think about it, I am not mortified to have these chew toys laying around my house when I have people come over. So, I'll give them a thumbs up on the aesthetics.

3) Initial Quality: From the very first Benebone I bought for my guys, they have held up to multiple dogs chewing on them. Now, my dogs CHEW A LOT. Between Shine, Viper and now Hoot, they are munching on bones every morning, afternoon and evening so they put a lot of wear and tear on them and they continue to hold up. I also like that they have multiple sizes and flavors for me to choose from. My crew tends to get size Medium and I rotate through all the different flavors.

4) Durability: Going back to initial quality, one of the main reasons that I keep purchasing these chews, is they LAST. I'm not talking a few days, or maybe a week. It takes my guys a few months to work one down to the point it needs to be taken out of the rotation. Which I appreciate.

Benebone also carries a "Durable Chew" for dogs that looks like it has a handle on both ends of it. We did try them and unfortunately, one dent in our living room wall and a second incident with Shine smacking my oldest guy Blade in the head with one, made them off limits in our house. (For those that don't know, Shine has a "tendency" to throw her bones on our hardwood floors as she enjoys the loud sound it makes.) For households that don't have a Shine, I would definitely give the thumbs up on the "Durable Chew" style as well. 5) Does It Meet My Needs? Absolutely! I really have no idea what I would do if they ever stopped making these chews. I know my dogs would be in an uproar, that is for sure! I'm sure other dog owners would agree with me here, but I also LOVE the fact my dogs don't get upset tummies because of these chews! Which when you have a four dog household, it is a HUGE plus!

Overall I give these chews 5 paws!

My one and only complaint about them, which is more of a PSA for anyone that does purchase them. You may want to also purchase night vision goggles, to avoid stepping on them in the dark. Because, THEY HURT if stepped on when half asleep and barefoot. They are like little landmines waiting to cause your feet due harm.

(I wasn't kidding when I said I feel like I have hundreds of these bones. This was just what I found in my living room.)

For those of you that are interested in purchasing your own, I have included links for both the Benebone Wishbone AND the Benebone Durable Chew!

Benebone Wishbone:

Benebone Durable Chew:

Thanks for checking out our review!

~ Kim and Shine


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