Welcome to Agilityflux by Kim Benjamin, the newest series here at Shine On Dog Agility! Agilityflux will focus on taking a single course and breaking it down into several different segments, to help maximize your training time and minimize your course building time!

This week, we will be using a course I designed for my outdoor arena. This particular course used a 60' x 110' area.

The course:

I will attempt to break each course into three separate subsections.

They are:


Skills & Drills



I set up this particular course for my International/Masters Coursework classes and while it looks very straightforward, there were several critical handling points which proved to be challenging for most teams. 1-5, 6-8, 14-16 all allowed for several different handling options as well.

Skills & Drills:

With this particular course, I was able to break it down into 6 different drills to work on specific skills (get it?). The 6 different drills are:


As far as foundation exercises, I was able to find 5 different exercises on this course. They are:

The foundation skills that could be worked are:

Numbers 4-5: Weave pole entry with tunnel discrimination

Numbers 6-7: Turn away at the end of the weave poles Numbers 7-8: Tunnel send with layering the weave poles Numbers 9-10: In-In command off of dogwalk

Numbers 14-16: Front cross, rear cross, blind and serp handling

For a single course, there are numerous training challenges that can be worked through from foundations all the way up to coursework! I hope you enjoyed the first Agilityflux by Kim Benjamin! Look for new Agilityflux by Kim Benjamin articles every Wednesday!

~ Kim Benjamin

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