"Working with Kim has given me and my dog Ragy, both the skills and confidence to compete successfully.  While having fun and improving my connection with Ragy, Kim was able to identify and help us work on the skills that needed improvement.  Retraining and perfecting as needed.  I have learned much about reading and running courses for the best line and fastest time.  Both the class sessions and private lessons have been very valuable. Kim is an exceptional dog trainer.  Her enthusiasm,  direct feedback,  humor and sincerity are all highly appreciated. The availability of both indoor (with turf) and outdoor facilities optimizes the practice opportunities. Ragy and I are competing successfully.  Improving our skills and having fun.  I am very grateful to be able to work with her." - Kathy L. and Ragy

"Kim is always completely engaged and focused on an agility team's lesson. She is out on the floor, interactive and catching every detail. She is quick to point out your successes and strengths but does not gloss over or ignore the details you need to work on. This dedicated honesty and drive to help each team improve to meet their goals is rare and very helpful. I've never known Kim to "ignore" a training or knowledge need just to move on to the next person or because she is tired of dealing with a continued problem. Kim always asks the student for their goals and then will do her very best to help you meet those goals. She does this in a kind, fun, personal, direct, supportive and positive manner. She has excellent positive dog training, dog behavior and assertive communication skills. She takes the time and has the insight to understand, teach and advocate for both your dog and you. If you want to see progress, and have fun doing it, Kim is the trainer for you" - Pat M. and Blake

"Kim is an incredible trainer with a clear plan to help you improve your handling skills. Chewie and I have improved as a team with every lesson!"  - Denise W. and Chewie

"Kim’s training style lays a solid platform for success . She explains the the philosophy and is a hands on trainer bringing you along with her. Novice or experienced benefit from her easy style. Kim’s great sense of humor and solid understanding of dogs, their behavior and learning, the handlers learning and methodical teaching creates succes and fun." - Lori M. and Aspen

Kim has salvaged me and my dog Charlie Bear from a life of no dog sports. Charlie is a wonderful Labrador who has his share of difficulties in the competition ring. Needless to say, Kim took us on as a team and because of her we are making great progress toward my goal of becoming a competent, competitive team. I see our progress after each and every lesson. She is the' real deal' in terms of her innate dog knowledge, skill, and ability to transfer that knowledge and skill to her students. - Penny R. and Charlie Bear